The Long Arm W Ranch



Wrinkles 2nd Edition


The Crawdad

A Crawdad is a small, fresh water lobster. Don’t let anyone fool you; a crawdad has all of the character, quality, and elegance that a hard shelled creature can possibly possess. When broiled, they can turn into a delightful, red delicacy that makes caviar look like deviled ham. One forkful of that tender jewel of nature, dipped in a butter and onion sauce, seasoned with a pinch of garlic, can instantly turn a pauper into a king.


The sport of catching that little back peddler offers a boy an exciting safari that is equally as memorable and stimulating as the most challenging of lion hunts. They are quick as a flash. Their powerful pinchers can instantly turn the aggressive hunter into a penitent victim. They seem like an extinct breed until it rains, but after a gully washer, they show up like legions of warriors.

Our crawdad hole was about a block down the hill from our house. There was a two and a half foot drain pipe under the paved road. It was usually dry, but after a big rain, the water flowed like a raging torrent. As soon as the rain stopped, we would grab a galvanized tub and head down to our secret gold mine. Each one that was caught was a unique challenge. They had to be flicked out on the bank and grabbed firmly behind the pinchers. They always strained their effective clamps in a searching probe trying to inflict their instinctive revenge on us.

The danger only sweetened the reward of those tasty tidbits. Even though they succeeded in gripping tender flesh from time to time, they were no match for the sure hands of an eleven year old boy. Little boys possess the nearest thing that there is to pure concentration and dedication.