The Long Arm W Ranch


Here at the Long Arm W Ranch we have made many friends and have had the privilege to come across many interesting and very talented people in this world. In this section we would like to introduce you to some of those people. We know you will be intrigued by the talents and works of our dear friends.


Otrova Gomas

Otrova Gomas

It has been my pleasure to work for Otrova Gomas as the Author of his English Translation of La Miel del Alacrán, "The Scorpion's Honey." As a fellow author I want to share Otrova Gomas with you.


On The Air

1350 AM and 98.5 FM Howdy Radio. The disk jockey is Cub Maynard, country Gospel singer. George English and Jack Holt have The Fireside Chat at 7:00. Denis McClintic preaches at eight and ten.


Art From The Ranch


Wrinkles Bilingual Adventure

Wrinkles Book"Wrinkles Bilingual Adventure" is a book of humorous short stories that was distributed by the Institute of Texas cultures at the University of Texas. It is full of Humor that explores imaginations & thoughts. You can order your paperback or kindle edition from Amazon today. Read below for a small excerpt from the book.


"A Crawdad is a small, fresh water lobster. Don’t let anyone fool you; a crawdad has all of the character, quality, and elegance that a hard shelled creature can possibly possess. When broiled, they can turn into a delightful, red delicacy that makes caviar look like deviled ham. One forkful of that tender jewel of nature, dipped in a butter and onion sauce, seasoned with a pinch of garlic, can instantly turn a ..." Read more