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Donkeys are guard animals by nature. They despise stray dogs, wolves and coyotes (They are friendly to your own pets because they somehow know the difference). They will attack to kill if predators ever enter their territory. As a result your herd of cows or flock of goats is guarded and protected against such intruders. There have been instances of donkeys killing mountain lions too.

Donkeys will run with cattle very comfortably, because they are pack animals. They don’t like to be alone; therefore it’s advisable to always have at least two donkeys together so they can work as a team.

Either Jennies or castrated males will keep your property predator free. Stud Jacks, are not a good choice, as they can be very aggressive and not reliable. Predators quickly learn donkey territory by smelling their scent all over the area and will avoid it.

Currently our experienced guard donkeys are for sale starting at $800. Mother and daughter pairs have the highest success rate. Please check for availability, as we always have a waiting list.


The advantages of Gilded Donkeys to guard your calves and goats and be a good companion.


A donkey chosen as a guardian should be standard-sized or larger. Donkeys do tend to become territorial. They are an especially alert grazing animal with very good hearing and a wide field of vision. They also tend to be less spooky or flighty and likely to stand their ground even against Mountain Lions. When the donkey brays loudly at threats it discourages predators as well. They have the strength of Mike Tyson and require very little attention. Worming once a year will take care of most problems. I do my worming with a fold over sandwich. With the help of a friend, we wormed 31 in fifteen minutes. I handed them the worm medicine in a fold over sandwich, and he marked their heads with a cattle marker; so, we could tell who had and who had not been wormed.


Donkeys are naturally aggressive to canines. Donkeys make acceptable guardians of sheep, goats and calves. Often the sheep or goats come to see the larger donkey as protective and will gather near it if they perceive a threat. Donkeys can protect against a single fox, coyote, roaming dog and possibly a bobcat. My donkeys know my dogs and never bother them.


Donkeys are willing and eager to be spoiled. I use day old bread slices, range cubes and sweet feed. I don’t even put halters on mine because they follow me gladly when I have a treat for them. Donkeys are extremely long-lived, with a life span of thirty years or more.

My 120 acres is surrounded by numerous packs of coyotes. Before I got my donkeys, I lost cows, calves, guineas, ducks and geese. Since I have started using gilded Jacks, I haven't lost anything. I have sold my guard donkeys all over the central part of the United States and always have had nothing but praise and thanks from my buyers.

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My barber has two old guard donkeys that have guarded his cows and calves for years. One of his neighbor’s cows got on his place. His Jennies backed her into a corner until he could move it back to his neighbor. How they knew that cow did not belong shows how smart donkeys are.