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Gee-Wallace Beautiful hand crafted caskets


For centuries men have buried their loved ones in handcrafted wooden coffins. "Wallace/Gonalez Caskets" is producing high quality, environmentally sensitive, affordable Pine, Cypress, and Cedar caskets. We build the "Old Western Styles" like they built in the 1800's. They are hand crafted in Oklahoma by Stan Pewitt, our master cabinet maker. They are virtually air tight and do not have to have a vault to protect them from the weight of the earth. The coffins provide more protection than their metal counterparts. They are fully sanctioned by both State and Federal law.


Our most popular unfinished models are our six foot three models:


  • Raw Cypress - $3,000
  • Finished Cypress - $3,500


Our most popular unfinished models are our six foot eight models:


  • Extra Wide Cypress $4,000
  • Extra Wide Finished Cedar $5,000




  • Comforters $200


(All items are subject to Texas sales tax)


Our primary goal is to make you happy with your purchase.


Our return policy: Any product purchased at Wallace/Gee Caskets may be returned within seven days at the buyer's expense to:


Wallace/Gee Caskets,

105516 FM 44,

Annona, Texas 75550 (Box Elder.)