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About the Ranch: Location and such

The “Long Arm W Ranch” is in Red River County, Texas.  It is 16 miles from the Red River and is half way between Texarkana and Paris, just a quarter mile North of where highways 82 and 44 cross. 

One Of Our Brahma Cross Cattle

The “Long Arm W” is the name of my registered cattle brand that I have had since 1959 when I raised cows as my FFA project at San Angelo Central High School. I went on to get a minor in agriculture at Abilene Christian University.  Muffy and I were self supported missionaries in El Salvador.

We have taught Spanish, bilingual, ESL, math, debate, and social studies for more than 30 years before retiring to the ranch to raise Guard Donkeys and Brangus / Charolais cross cattle. Besides raising donkeys and cattle, many other kinds of animals also call the "Long Arm W" home. These include: Horses, chickens, ducks, guineas, llamas, geese, and what would a good ranch without a few good dogs?  My son Ryan and I have acquired the equipment to start a woodworking shop in the middle of the barn where we live. We build cabinets, bookshelves, and wooden caskets.

A little about Gary Wallace and Marcus Gee

Gary Wallace and his wife Muffy

My name is Gary Wallace. My wife Muffy and I have owned these 120 acres since 2004. I was a Spanish professor at Texas A&M University Commerce, and am the author, editor and publisher of three books.

"Wrinkles Bilingual Adventure"

Wrinkles Book"Wrinkles Bilingual Adventure" is a book of humorous short stories that was distributed by the Institute of Texas cultures at the University of Texas. You can order your paperback or kindle edition from Amazon today.

"En Busca de la Verdad" was a book that I published in Spanish that defends the position of the church of Christ when I used to look at things with different eyes. "Himnos y Cánicos Espirituales" is a Spanish song book with 335 songs that I edited that has been copied in numerous editions that total over 300,000 books. We published the first edition in El Salvador in 1969 for twelve cents a book.

Gary Wallace and his dog

Even though the Lord does not have me in El Salvador anymore, I believe I am called to be a missionary in the area that God has put me. I host a Sunday morning radio show called, "Gospel Songs and Gospel Sermons." Every Sunday morning George English, Larry Rushing, Marcus Gee, Jack Holt, and I have a fireside chat VBS style about 50 of the main characters in the Bible.

"The Scorpion's Honey: Alter Egos"

"The Scorpion's Honey: Alter Egos"

You can order your copy of "The Scorpion's Honey: Alter Egos" today on for $14.95.

The Scorpion's Honey with added portions of Confessions, Inventions and Evil Intentions by Otrova Gomas has been translated into English. His track record in South America has been impeccable. El Hombre más Malo del Mundo is in its 14th edition. El Cofre is in its 12th edition. El Caso de la Araña de Cinco Patas sold 20,000 copies in two years. La Miel del Alacrán has enjoyed the most literary acclaim. Its 2nd Spanish edition was published this year, 2010.

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My Songs

Most of the songs that I have written have come without warning and rushed into my heart and mind like a roaring flood. I have written a mix of the usual country western tear jerkers and ballads, but sometimes world events like the invasion of Granada, troupes being sent into Lebanon, a murder spree across our nation, or someone shooting at the Pope has triggered ideas for my songs.

More than once, events in the lives of my friends made me write songs from, what I thought to be their point of view, of when their wives left them or one of their loved ones died in a tragic accident. Two songs, "Confidant True" and "Five Senses", were written to honor and praise my wife who is my best friend. Though I have always been blessed with work, I have written a couple of songs about the plight of welfare recipients, "Tough Times" and "Too Old to Care" A simple two chord song that I wrote when I was singing the county fairs and flea markets of South Texas back in the 70's and 80's expressed it well.

“Gather round my friends, and I will  sing my songs for you.  It wont take too long, and I'll never make you feel too blue.” My newest song is a country gospel song entitled "Tractor, Truck and Wife." I hope you enjoy my music. It took a lifetime to write. If any of my lyrics are egotistical, please forgive me.


Listen to Songs from the Ranch.
                                                                     - (Gary Ray Wallace)   

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A little about Marcus

A headshot picture of Marcus

Marcus Gee has been an educator since the year of 2000. He is currently working on his first book, and his passion is to inspire people to spend time with God through prayer.