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Guard donkeys

My name is Marcus Gee, I have been an educator since the year 2000, when I graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. My specialty is teaching elementary bilingual education and Spanish and Art for High School.

My passion and calling in life is to inspire kids to dream big dreams and to motivate them to work a plan to reach them.

In 2004, Gary Wallace and I became very good friends while teaching in the same school in Mesquite, TX. Gary and his wife Mary-Frances invited me to their farm in North East Texas, on a week end, and that place changed my life.

We spent many hours and money, during weekends and summers raising animals at the farm and building special enclosures to keep them safe. It was devastating to see that in one night, a pack of coyotes could take away all of your precious animals. That happened many times. It was heart breaking!

A donkey holding a coyote in its mouth that it killed

We tried to eliminate coyotes by different methods, like trapping, poisoning, hiring companies that came to shoot them, but none of that worked. We also tried llamas, but it was very complicated and expensive to shear their wool, twice a year.

We tried sheep dogs, but they have a 6 years life expectancy, they jump fences, they like to chase packs of coyotes far away and eventually they get killed; not to mention that vet bills, flea medicine and dog food can get expensive.

By accident, we discovered that donkeys are the best solution against predators. They are instinctively guard animals. We bought three donkeys from an older man, because we love animals. Right away we saw the results with our own eyes. Those donkeys chased a stray dog out of the ranch, and kept packs of coyotes away and even wild pigs, which can cause a lot of destruction to your land.

A donkey holding a coyote in its mouth that it killed

Coyotes are survivors. They serve a very important part in the food chain and they keep the rat, rabbit, snake, etc. population under control. If we completely eliminate coyotes, we’ll create another serious problem, so the best and most humane way to keep our farm animals safe and protected from predators is by deterring them from your pastures by having the presence of donkeys. Donkeys hate coyotes and stray dogs (but are smart enough to recognize that your dog is a part of your family, and will leave it alone unless your dog is messing with them) and they will instinctively chase and attack them. That is something that God put within them.

Donkeys are very low maintenance and very strong. They survive mostly on fiber instead of protein. Their digestive system is different than horses and cows. Donkeys would eat a lot of things in a pasture that other animals would not.

As long as they have fresh grass or hay and water, they’ll be happy. A block of mineral and an ocasional snack would make them very happy. Donkeys can live up to 25-35 years.

Every year the cattle, sheep and goat industries along with independent farmers lose millions of dollars due to predators.

Donkeys are the least expensive way to keep your cattle, sheep, goats and your investment safe. An $800 low maintenance donkey with a 30 years life expectancy could save you thousands and thousands of dollars. If a farmer loses a calf due to coyotes, that is a calf that could have potentially produced another 10 calves in 11 years, and each one of her offsprings could have produced 10 calves in an 11 year period. So, if you are losing a calf due to coyotes, you are actually losing all of her offsprings that she could have potentially produced in 10 years, and that equals to thousands of dollars of your livelihood.

A donkey holding a coyote in its mouth that it killed

Donkeys are very underestimated and unappreciated animals. They are extremely intelligent even though people associate them with being dumb. They are as loyal and loving as a puppy dog, when kept as pets.

They are humble animals. Jesus Christ our savor chose to ride a donkey when he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. That’s why the donkeys that have a cross on their back are called Jerusalem Cross donkeys. The legend says that God placed an imprint of a cross on the back of that donkey and it’s offsprings.

God put donkeys on this earth for a reason, they serve an important purpose in life and for thousands of years with the strength and endurance of donkeys, many great civilizations have been built.

Gee-Wallace Caskets

A beautifully hand crafted coffin

We have built in a special section,
"About the Ranch", specifically for letting you know our history, who we are, and why we do what we do. A topic of interest is our "Songs from the Ranch." This is dedicated to original "Country love songs, Tear Jerker's, Ballads, and Social Reform songs, that have come out of my dealings and experiences that life has given me.


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